What Happens When Things Go Wrong?

Most business relationships are based upon a written or oral agreement. The agreements are also known as contracts. Most contracts are fulfilled and do not result in litigation. Where the facts are clear, most contracts are resolved by payment and execution. However, where we see litigation is where the contract is not clear. Typically, this occurs where the contract fails to take into consideration real life circumstances.

It is extremely difficult for a contract to anticipate every situation and disputes often arise when an unexpected event took place. When a party does not do what it is supposed to do under a contract, or when there is a dispute regarding what the contract means, that’s when you may need to retain counsel. That’s when The Gwynn Law Firm, PC is prepared to help you.

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We are prepared to assist you with commercial disputes, insurance coverage disputes (i.e., disputes with your insurer over the insurance contract), shareholder and partnership disputes and business dissolutions.