In the field or in the back office?

The reason we keep busy with contractor clients often comes down to one problem. Back office issues. Nearly all licensed contractors we meet are experts at their trades. They truly know their field and produce good craftsmanship. On the flip side, however, it is often (not always) the case where the contractor just can’t give the back office work his or her full attention. Whether it be a failure to read the contract, file a preliminary notice, take pictures of change orders and extras and follow up with a writing, prepare and record a mechanics lien timely, prepare and obtain release and waivers, prepare timely payment application, etc., these are issues where contractors often take shortcuts. This is the disconnect. Please take the time to review the tour on the GLF’s home page with the forms you need to put in to your rotation.

Another one we hear often is “well I always do that, but.” The “but” part is the problem. The minute you don’t protect yourself, you lose money. You need expertise in both the field and in the back office.

The Gwynn Law Firm is always available to prepare the preliminary notices, mechanic’s liens and stop notices. You provide us a copy of the contract and a list of the pertinent parties and we’ll serve and/or record these documents.