We here at the GLF believe we have an advantage for your business. We’re located in the city of Riverside right in the heart of the inland empire. The IE is home to over 4,000,000 people. That’s more than the city of Phoenix. Yet despite this population, many of our local consumers and businesses go out of area to Los Angeles and Orange Counties for their legal needs. However, for the GLF, we take our central location in Riverside, as an opportunity to not only better serve our fellow IE citizens, but also to undercut out of area attorneys.

Orange County has some of the highest commercial office rental rates in the state. Likewise the homes where the attorneys are living also are some of the most expensive in the state. Moreover, the cost of labor is far higher in OC than Riverside. Is it no surprise then that OC attorneys’ hourly rates are far higher on average than Riverside Attorneys. At the GLF, we don’t have minimum billing hours. We don’t bill for every phone call or email to a secretary or even to the attorneys. In addition to our lower billing rates, we reduce your bottom line.

We’re located right off Central Avenue on Brockton in the Magnolia Center area of Riverside.  Our overhead is modest and allows us to provide legal services to consumers and small and medium sized businesses at affordable rates.  Because we don’t have large overhead, we offer our clients maximum flexibility in paying their legal bills.