The Bankruptcy Code gives you the average citizen an incredibly strong and powerful tool to protect you and your assets. It’s the Automatic Stay.

Even if you file your petition one minute before a foreclosure, the foreclosure must be stopped. Any actions done after the filing including the foreclosure sale are null and void.

All that is required of you is filing your petition. Normally, filing the petition is a time consuming and in depth process. However, the bankruptcy court will permit emergency filings with significantly fewer requirements for filing the petition than in non-emergency situations.

We at the Gwynn firm understand that life sometimes intervenes and interferes with filing a bankruptcy early. Sometimes an emergency petition is the only thing that keeps you from losing an important asset that you might otherwise have been able to keep. Call Attorney Jeffrey T. Gwynn at 951-684-3774 for a free telephonic or in person consultation to free you from overzealous creditors.